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ArirangUSA Sales Rep


Unlimited Earnings + Earn Extra Big Cash + Get Fast Deposit

  • * Enter arirangusa.net username, if you don't have, please register first.
  • * Please select all method that you want to receive cash
  • * If possible, Describe yourself in detail. Age, Sex and Work Experience and etc.

ArirangUSA Sales Rep | Referer Benefits

Join Now ! Make Money With US !

The more you make customers buy together, the more cash you earn  !

  • Free Delivery to customer’s desired location

  • The more you make buyer buy together, the more cash commission you earn

  • Cash commissioning by reference

  • Up to 15% Cash Commission

  • Get Cash Commission From Even Your Own Order

  • Quick Cash Deposit to your bank account

  • Super Easy Apply

  • No Hidden Fee

  • Total Order Amount should be $99+ at each order

  • Sales Rep should register at arirangusa.net as a customer to get cash commission

  • Only One Sales Rep can get cash commission on each order

  • Sales Rep Should follow ArirangUSA Policy

  • Sales Rep can be disqualified at any time if they don’t follow our policy

1. Fill Out Submit Order List Form
2. Vendor Checks The Order List
3. Vendor Uploads The Order in Buy Order Category
4. Customers Buy The Order
5. Vendor Delivers The Order
6. ArirangUSA Deposits Cash Commission to Sales Rep

What is Sales Rep program ?

ArirangUSA Sales Rep program is uique benefit program for anyone who want to get unlimited earning.

Sales Rep can make regular cash income by buying their own items or making others buy items on ArirangUSA.Net.

ArirangUSA.Net gives 5~15% cash commission to sales rep.

after the whole order process is completed.

Sales Rep usually uses our together shopping program to make people buy items.

Together Shopping →

Who can be a sales rep to get cash commission ?

First, You should apply for Sales Rep by submitting application form.

Second, After Reviewing your application, ArirangUSA will decide whether you can work with us or not

Third, ArirangUSA demand your method to receive your cash commission. Like Bank Information and Mailing Address and etc.

Fourth, Any Sales Rep who helps customers to submit order list and puchase the order list finally can get cash commission.

What's the difference between sales rep and referer ?

Sales rep is registered as sales rep member.

Referer is registered as customer.

Anyone can be sales rep whoever wants to sell arirangusa items to customers by marketing.

Referer can also get cash commission by referring arirangusa items to friends or family member or church members

To get cash commission, What should I do ?

First, Register as a customers at ArirangUSA.Net

Second, Apply for sales rep

Third, Refer ArirangUSA Together Shopping Categories’ Items to Anyone who is interested in discounted price and usage.

Fourth, Make them fill out Submit Order List Form and Submit it

Fifth, Make them buy the Order List that They want to buy.

Sixth, Get Big Cash Commission, Right after All process is done.

What is the commission rate for products ?

Commission Rates are different at each products or category.

Together Shopping Commission Rate

Snacks Category : 10%

Yoga Clothing : 10%

Home Bedding : 8%

Vans | Converse : 10%

This commission rate can be changed without any notification !

Can I get cash commission even from my own order ?

Of course, You can earn cash money even from your own order.

To get cash commission, It is simple.

First, register as a customer

Second, when submit order list, Enter your arirangusa.net user name in Referer or Sales Rep Field.

Third, Submit Order List and Purchase Your Confirmed Order by Vendors

Fourth, Get cash commission.

Can you provide free delivery service for any items and any location ?

It depends on what kinds of items you are buying.

For Fresh Foods like Vegetable, Meat, Fish and pick up only items, Currently Vendor can deliver to only OC, LA location.

But, All Other Items can be delivered to any location with free shipping.