Irvine Nice Restaurant – Korean BCD – 얼바인맛집 북창동순두부

The House that Tofu Built

Started from one branch in 1996, BCD now has 13 branches. BCD was inspired by a passion to spread Korea’s wonderful cuisine around the World. BCD continues to focus on its taste, health benefits, food quality and so much more.

The BCD Story starts with Hee Sook Lee, first generation Korean immigrants who loves to cook and share with her family. Her mother-­in-­law owned a restaurant in “Bukchang Dong” (city in Korea, which BCD is named after), where Mrs. Lee gained early training in food industry. After immigrating to America, Mrs. Lee chose to focus on Soon Tofu among thousands of other Korean foods, due to its superb taste and health benefits. She has a vision to be succeessful in America, and is building her dream one bowl at a time.

북창동 순두부집은 워낙에 얼바인에서 유명하죠 ^_^

간단하면서 맛있게 먹을수 있는 메뉴들이 대부분인데 개인적으로 곱창순두부를 즐겨 먹습니다.

한국에서 친지분이 오시면 꼭 모시고 가는 곳이기도 하지요..

좋은점은 음식주문후 바로 다양한 메뉴가 나온다는거구요

불편한점은 줄이 너무길어서 많이 기다려야한다는 점입니다. 투고도 가능합니다.

주차하기가 힘든점은 모든분 겪어봐서 아실테고요..

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My T Pham
My T Pham
17:46 05 May 18
Very good service. Food is good. Place is remodeled. Bigger but no more call button. Need to flag people down for service. Still busy as ever so wait can be long.
Jesse Pompa
Jesse Pompa
15:48 16 May 18
My taste buds always thank me when I visit this spot. My go to is the short rib and house tofu and hot spiciness.The sides that they give include but are not limited to a small fish, fried tofu triangles, kimchi, mashed potato with tiny pieces of orange (don’t hate until you try it), and more.My GF doesn’t really like tofu much, but she stole my tofu soup bowl and ate it all!
Anthony Montalvo
Anthony Montalvo
22:51 13 Jan 18
This BCD Tofu House is open again! They recently renovated, expanding the size of the restaurant and improving they overall aesthetic of the dining room. The Irvine BCD is the better of the BCD Tofu Houses in Orange County. While this one was closed for renovations, we were forced to try the other locations. The only other good ones are in LA county. The quality of food and service at Garden Grove is disappointing. Luckily, the Irvine location is back with as vengeance.I went today with two other people, and we ordered our usuals. We were amazed that not only did the sides come out early, the servers cancer by regularly to refill them. I think they changed the recipe for the first cakes, but they're still really savory and sweet. I'm sad that the diamond jamboree location doesn't have 24 hour service anymore. That was the biggest draw to BCD (versus other non-chain tofu houses). I dropped one star because of that.
Brandon Yoon
Brandon Yoon
06:12 15 May 18
Like the food and service quality. Nothing fancy but soft tofu soup makes you feel eating a healthy meal. Problem a big problem is such a long waiting line. expect 1 hour wait.
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