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셀러가 행복한 마켓플레이스 ! 셀러의 행복이 바이어의 즐거운 쇼핑경험으로 이어지는곳 !

The Unique Marketplace to take care sellers' success

We are focusing on online marketing channels and various sales boost programs for each seller store !

  • Lowest Transaction Fee
  • Fastest Deposit
  • Customized Marketing for seller
  • Unlimited Hot Deals Promotion(Like Groupon Style)
  • Free Main Page Banner
  • Unlimited Auction product Listing(Like Ebay Style)
  • Unlimited Booking Product Listing
  • Each Seller Store Focused SEO Guide
  • Various Sales Boost Program[Sales Rep, Together Shopping or various referral program]
  • Social Media Marketing for each Seller
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Digital Printing Support and a lot of supporting programs. 
  • Check the following specific benefits

Seller Store Search Engine Optimization

Google occupies more than 85% of Search Engine Market.

We need to focus on helping Seller Store SEO for maximizing search exposure.

  • Keywords Research related to seller products
  • Set up keyword system
  • Product Title and Description Consulting
  • Laser Target Marketing Ads.[Google]
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • SEO Contents Marketing
  • Google Display Ads[Target Placement, Keywords Ads]
  • Re-marketing Segmentation Ads For Each Store

B2C Social Marketing Support

We focus on each seller item marketing, not for our site branding.

  • Facebook Segmentation Audience Build Up
  • Facebook Segmented Target Ads
  • Instagram Target Ads
  • Pinterest Target Ads

HIGH ROI Email Campaign

Professional Strategy and High Return On Investment

  • Segmentation Campaign
  • Interest Group Campaign
  • Engagement
  • Ascension
  • Profit Maximization
  • Build Up List For Each Seller
  • Integrate with Social Audience

Sales Rep | Referral Program

All buyers can be sales rep or referrer and Make Money with us

  • Unlimited Cash Earning for Sales Rep
  • Attractive Referral Program
  • Regular Cash Income Sale Up
  • Huge number of Sales Reps
  • ON/OFF Sales Support for sellers
  • Undeniable Benefits for buyers and sellers
  • Huge number of referrers
  • Sales Boost Program for sellers

Marketing Material Printing

We make flyer | brochure | postcard and other marketing products for seller's sales boosting

  • We design various marketing material for sales boost !
  • 1. we have a regular meeting for catching seller value preposition
  • 2. Marketing Pro Group makes Catch Phrase, Lead Magnet, Call To Action and Transformation Copy Writing
  • 3. Marketing Pro Group decides which marketing material is the best for seller sales boost
  • 4. Marketing Pro Group Starts Premium Design for Marketing Material
  • 5. ArirangUSA and Seller review the design together
  • 6. When Seller confirm, Digital Printing Service Team start image file proofing for free.
  • 7. When marketing material is printed, the material will be distributed by seller and ArirangUSA !
  • 8. Marketing Pro Group will analyze ROI(return on investment) for later version.

Customer Value Optimization

Develop CVO Process for seller's products

  • Build Up Traffic Source
  • Build Up Sales Channel
  • – Lead Magnet
    – Tripwire
    – Core Product
    – Profit Maximization

Video Marketing

We are also providing video marketing

  1. Creat Script based on each seller’s Value Preposition
  2. Select Beautiful Theme
  3. Add Call to Action, Visuals and Copy Text
  4. Review
  5. Search Engine Optimization for Video
  6. Publish to Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and etc.

Digital Printing Service

Since 2006, We've been providing the most reliable and affordable printing service

  • Lowest Price Guarantee for sellers
  • Fast Turnaround for sellers
  • Superior Quality for Sellers
  • Premium Design Guarantee for sellers
  • All Marketing Materials for sellers
  • Big Discount for All Sellers

Profitable E-Commerce Set Up

Since 2006, We've been providing the most creative and successful e-commerce service !

Perfect E-Commerce System For your online and offline retail store business

♦ We can set up E-Commerce Site that you can accept both online and offline payments for the products you’ve already created in e-Commerce Site. This way, you can sell your online products offline — or vice-versa.
♦ You can also keep your retail and online inventory synced automatically. When someone purchases a product in your retail store, your online inventory in E-Commerce Site is automatically updated. Additionally, any products you create or update in E-Commerce Site are synced, so you can start selling them immediately.

From scratch to perfect system set up

Search Engine Optimization for maximizing search exposure

♦ Keyword Research
♦ Keywords System Set Up
♦ SEO Contents Writing Support

12 years Experience Professional Group Know-How Service

♦ Premium Design Based On Business Concept
♦ Search Engine Marketing Set Up for boosting sales
♦ Customized Social Marketing Set Up
♦ Video Marketing
♦ Quality Score Contents Marketing

♦ And All other important Knowledge and Know-How

B2B Marketing Support

For wholesalers, We provide B2B Marketing Service.

  • B2B Keywords System
  • Set Up effective B2B Marketing Channel
  • Beutiful Image Banner Ads Set Up
  • Categorize B2B Customers for each sellers
  • Video, Image Banner Marketing
  • Laser Target Marketing Based on Categorized and Segmented Customer Groups
  • Product Uploading : 10 Products

  • Commission : 11%

  • No Auction

  • No Booking Products

  • Social Marketing

  • Laser Target Marketing To Asian

  • 1 Group Deals
  • $2.97/Month

  • Product Uploading : 100 Products

  • Commission : 9%

  • No Auction

  • No Booking Products

  • Social Marketing

  • SEO Laser Target Marketing To Asian

  • Segmentation Email Campaign

  • 10 Group Deals

  • $3.97/Month

  • Product Uploading : Unlimited Products

  • Commission : 9%

  • Unlimited Auction Products

  • Unlimited Booking Products

  • Social Marketing

  • SEO Laser Target Marketing To Asian

  • Segmentation Email Campaign

  • Unlimited Group Deals

  • $5.97/Month

If you are busy, we can support your business by providing

the following service at affordable Service Fee.

Product Uploading Service

  • 1~20 Items : $50
  • 21~50 Items : $70
  • 51~100 Items : $100
  • 101~150 Items : $150
  • 151~200 Items : $200
  • $50 per 50 items will be charged
  • …..
  • 950~1000 items : $500

Seller should provide all images and product info.

Check ArirangUSA.Net Product Image Policy
  • The image dimension should be rectangle starting 500X500, 600X600.. for better product sales.
  • The image file type should be png, jpg, gif only

Marketing Material Printing Service

We are providing Marketing Material Printing Service.

  • Business Cards [ Standard, Premium ]
  • Flyer
  • Brochure
  • Postcard
  • Sticker
  • Banner [Indoor, Outdoor]
  • All Design Service [Premium Design]
  • High Quality | Lowest Printing Price Guarantee]
  • For quotation, Click Here and Submit Quotation Form

We are making animation video for product promotion or branding.

Any sellers who want to make video animation ask us.

The cost is from $150.

Video Making Process

  1. Create script based on value preposition
  2. Select Template
  3. Add Visuals and Text
  4. Review
  5. Publish
  6. Make use of this video for marketing[Social, Email, Content]

The sample video is like these URL