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    아리랑마켓과 함께하는 ARU홀세일 ! 필요하신 물품목록을 작성해주세요. 최저가, 최고상품, 푸드전문가시스템, 당일신선재료 당일배달 !
  • 카카오아이디를 알려주세요.
  • 원하시는 채소종류와 구매수량을 적어주세요
  • 원하시는 생선종류와 구매수량을 적어주세요
  • 원하시는 고기종류와 구매양을 적어주세요
  • 기타물품[소스, 간장, 된장등]

    기타물품중에서 필요하신 물품내역을 적어주세요
  • 원하시는 물품내역과 구매수량을 적어주세요
  • 주문배달내역

    주소나 배달시 부탁사항을 알려주세요
  • 배달주소를 입력해주세요

Wholesale Shopping

Free Delivery to OC, LA, San Diego, Las Vegas !

  • ArirangUSA Wholesale

    ARU Wholesale with Arirang Market! Please fill out the list of items you need. Lowest Price, Best Quality, Same Day Delivery !
  • Please specify the kind of vegetables you want and the quantity you want to purchase.
  • Please specify the type of seafood you want and the quantity of your purchase.
  • Please indicate the type of meat you want and the amount of your purchase.
  • Other items [sauce, soy sauce, miso and etc.]

    Please specify the item you need among other items.[all other restaurant supplies]
  • Please specify your desired item details and quantity
  • Delivery Information

    Please let me know your address or delivery details.
  • Please enter your delivery address
  • Leave Your Comment or all other questions

Free Delivery to OC, LA, Las Vegas, San Diego !

Wholesale Purchasing

The more you buy together, the greater the discount rate !

Wholesale Product Price/Unit
Napa[배추] $18.99/Box
Asparagus $9.99/Box
Broccoli[브로콜리] $18.99/Box
Jalapeno $29.99/Box
Kabocha $19.99/Box
Corn $9.99/Box
Shiitake mushrooms[표고버섯] $21.99/Box
Lotus Root[깐연근] $21.99/Box
Bellpepper[피망] $3.99/Pkg
Bokchoi[복초이] $22.99/Box
Green Onion[파] $23.99/Box
Radish[무우] $19.99/Box
Cucumber[오이] $29.99/Box
Carrot[당근] $11.99/Bag[25LBS]
Onion[양파] $7.99/Box
Mushroom[양송이버섯] $15.99/12pack
Enoki mushroom[팽이버섯] $12.99/Box
King Oyster Mushroom[새송이버섯] $29.99/Box
Tofu[두부] $11.88/Box

We can provide All kinds of fish, meat, seafood, sauce, seasoning and

All Restaurant supplies such as napkin, to-go-box, gloves and etc.

** Price can change depending on market situation

Free Delivery to this location [OC, LALas Vegas, San Diego]

1. Under the lowest price, the best product, and the food expert system policy, all products are delivered with the best freshness.

2. With easy Online Ordering and convenient Kakao Chat Ordering,  your orders are processed quickly and accurately.

3. We will share pricing information for frequently purchased items in real time.

4. We also provide professional marketing support for promoting your restaurant or food business.

  • Our company has 13 years of marketing specialists.

  • The marketing specialists provide online marketing service for our clients restaurant and food businesses.

  • They will set up an online advertising channel that accurately targets not only Korean but also other people.

  • We are also strategically presenting image banner ad to our website visitors and introducing restaurants to them.

  • Be Smart Grocery Wholesale Shopper

저희 ArirangUSA.Net 홀세일주문 및 사업체앞 배달을 이용하실경우 혜택 !

1. 최저가격, 최고상품, 푸드전문가시스템정책으로 운영됨으로 늘 최고의 신선도를유지한 상품들이 배달됩니다.

2. 손쉬운 온라인주문과 카톡주문으로 신속, 정확하게 구입절차가 진행됩니다.

3. 자주구매하는 물품들에 대한 가격정보를 실시간 공유해드립니다.

4. 운영중이신 식당이나 푸드사업체 홍보를 위한 전문적인 마케팅지원까지 원하실경우 서비스해드립니다.

– 13년경력의 마케팅전문가들로 구성된 저희 자회사에서 저희와 도매계약으로 납품을받으시는 식당, 푸드사업체의 온라인 마케팅과 홍보를 도와드립니다.
– 식재료를 저렴하면서 편리하게 납품받으시면서 홍보용 플라이어, 명함 등의 디자인과
– 한인은 물론 타인종까지 정확하게 타겟으로 하는 온라인 광고채널까지 셋업을 해드립니다.
– MissyUSA, 라디오코리아, 중앙일보, 한국일보 등 한인사이트와 타인종이 즐겨 찾는 웹사이트내에도 고급디자인 배너광고를 초저렴하게 셋업해드리고 노출을 해드립니다.
– 저희가 운영중인 ArirangUSA.Net에 전략적으로 이미지배너광고를 노출해드리고 식당소개도 해드림으로 방문객들에게 집중 노출이 잘되도록 도와드립니다.

1. Submit all necessary items and each quantity
2. We check all items and its price
3. We provide all price and available items and each qty
4. Our client check the wholesale price and available qty !
5. ArirangUSA send invoice and Client pay the amount
6. After client pay the order, ArirangUSA delivers all items ASAP

What is ArirangUSA Wholesale Shopping Program ?

ArirangUSA is Korea’s largest online food market. This Wholesale Program is a new concept that aims to provide our clients with food products at low prices while providing professional online marketing services to each restaurant or food business to make business of each restaurant business successful.

미주최대 한인온라인푸드마켓 ArirangUSA에서는 저렴하게 식재료를 공급하면서 각 식당이나 푸드비즈니스 고객들에게 온라인마케팅서비스까지 지원해서 각 식당비즈니스를 하시는 오너분들의 비즈니스를 성공시켜드리고자 론칭한 신개념의 프로그램입니다.

What is Free Delivery schedule to OC, LA, Las Vegas, San Diego ?

OC, LA : Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat

Las Vegas : Every Saturday [Should order by Friday Morning]

San Diego : Every Thursday[Should order by Wednesday Morning]

To get free delivery, How much should I buy through wholesale shopping ?

It depends on your location.

  • Las Vegas, Victorville, San Diego : $1,500+
  • OC : $500+ | LA : $500+

What kinds of grocery items can we purchase from this program ?

All kinds of vegetable, fruit, meat items are possible to purchase from this program.

Check our site and submit your order list

We will follow and take great care of your each order.

What items and Which location can you provide free delivery service ?

  • Free Delivery Schedule => Las Vegas : Every Saturday | San Diego : Every Thursday 
  • Free Delivery Schedule => OC, LA : Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat

Refrigerated, Frozen and All other fresh items can be delivered but sometimes, we can limit the delivery items to keep all food fresh during delivery.

Can your company make marketing material such as Business card, sign banner and flyers ?

Of course, Yes.

We have digital printing company that prints all kinds of advertising materials.

We provide high quality design and printing service for our clients’ branding.

We’ve been providing this kinds of professional service for 13 years.

Is this online marketing service free of charge ?

No. We will provide this professional online marketing service with very low cost for our clients only

What kinds of online marketing service are your company providing ?

Our Professional Marketing Plans are as follows.

  • Website Free Building Service
  • Social Media Marketing [Facebook, Instagram][ex. Targeting to potential customers who are living in within 2miles]
  • Google Local Engine Optimization
  • Google Target Image Banner Ads [This ads is very powerful way to make your brand shown to visitors of each high traffic website]
  • Google Keywords Ads and etc.