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frequently ask questions

Do you charge shipping fee for all order based on package weight ?

Yes. We are dealing with General Grocery, Frozen Food, Refrigerated Food, Fresh Meat, Fruit and etc. As you know, All these items should be handled and packed very carefully. Our marketplace keeps product price more cheaper than any other marketplaces. We or sellers need to charge basic shipping fee on all orders for better service and product quality.

What is free delivery option for orders ?

We provide free local delivery service for the minimum order or subscription program in Some Orange County Cities.

I didn't receive tracking number yet, How do I do ?

If you don’t get tracking number within 3 days after you place order, Please contact us by email. Our customer service team will response to your email right away.

Usually, our team send tracking number within 3 days.

Are there any coupons or additional discounts available?

We occasionally offer sales and coupon codes on specific items to offer further discounts to our already low prices. You can find these on our Facebook page, blog, and e-mailers. Coupon codes have an expiration date, and we recommend purchasing the item(s) as soon as possible. We only honor coupons and discount prices while they are valid.

Our website pricing is regularly updated to ensure accurate, real-time pricing. Prices and discount codes advertised on sources other than our website such as search engines, coupon code websites, and shopping sites may not reflect the current, accurate price or valid coupon code.

How long does it take to get my food order items ?

There are 3 steps to process your order in our marketplace. Because the inventory of all food items can not be managed in real time, we always check inventory your order items one by one.

  1. we check each stores for inventory
  2. If stores have inventory for the order items, we start pick up all items.
  3. If some items are out of stock or sold out, we contact vendor to check if they have enough inventory or not.
  4. If they have inventory for the items, we ask them to restock asap
  5. At the same time, we contact customer to explain of this situation.
  6. If they don’t have inventory, we contact customers if they can change order items
  7. When all are ready, We send tracking number
  8. Usually, It takes 1~3 days to process your order.
Do you sell to individuals or only to businesses?

We sell to any individuals by each items or also businesses looking for wholesale in bulk.

Can I return consumables?

We are unable to accept returned consumable products. This allows us to ensure the products are good to use, untampered with, and have adequate shelf life.

Can I cancel food order ?

For Food and Grocery Order,

After you order, You cannot cancel your order in any case.

Because food and grocery is perishable and we pay directly to vendors for your order. So the vendor start preparing all items right away.  

What is your refund policy ?

All regularly stocked items, with the exception of consumable products, can be returned within 30 days of receipt, so long as they are unused and in the original packaging and vendor agree to your return request. A return credit will be issued to the original payment method upon receipt and inspection of the product(s) bt vendors. Delivery charges paid at the time of checkout will not be credited along with the return. An applicable restocking fee will be deducted from the amount due. Customers are responsible for the cost of return shipping. This includes any brokerage fees, duties, and taxes for international returns.

If your original payment method was made by wire, check, or ACH you will be offered store credit or a check refund.

Return requests for Special Order products and products shipped direct from the manufacturer must be issued by our Customer Solutions Specialists. Not all Special Order items can be returned.

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Why ArirangUSA

ArirangUSA is the only place where sellers and customers are satisfied together. We are making great effort to invite the best sellers wherever they are and make them grow based on customers’ trust. No one can not be superior position to others in our online marketplace. This means all people are equal no matter who they are. We really want to provide happy marketplace that everybody is excited and get new energy & happiness through shopping with us together.

We always make an effort to find and invite the best sellers to join our marketplace.

  1. Best Sellers Provide Best Price!
  2. Best Sellers Provide Best Quality
  3. All Certified Sellers
  4. All Best Qualified Products


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Why ArirangUSA ?

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