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frequently ask questions

Do you charge all food order based on package weight and my location in USA ?

Yes. We are dealing with General Grocery, Frozen Food, Refrigerated Food, Fresh Meat, Fruit and etc. As you know, All these food items should be handled and packed very carefully. So We really take good care of the food product not to ship out customer food order with bad condition. So we charge shipping fee on food order.

Check Food Shipping Policy =>

Can you tell me about the shopping process in your marketplace ?

Food shopping process is so simple.

  • 1st step  : Add food items to cart
  • 2nd step : Check out
  • 3rd step : We usually check customer order
  • 4th step : Get shipping rate
  • 5th step : pay the shipping rate
  • 6th step : We ship out the order
  • 7th step : Check Items If your order is right
What kinds of food items do you ship ?

Currently, We ship out all kinds of food items such as Frozen, Refrigerated Food and all snack items. But Usually, We restrict shipping items according customer’s location and shipping cost. If customer should pay expensive shipping fee, we recommend customer to cancel order.

How long does it take to get my order items ?

There are 3 steps to process your food order in our marketplace. Because the inventory of all food items can not be managed in real time, we always check inventory your order items one by one.

  1. we check each stores for inventory
  2. If stores have inventory for the order items, we start pick up all items.
  3. If some items are out of stock or sold out, we contact vendor to check if they have enough inventory or not.
  4. If they have inventory for the items, we ask them to restock asap
  5. At the same time, we contact customer to explain of this situation.
  6. If they don’t have inventory, we contact customers if they can change order items
  7. When all are ready, We inform customer of the last shipping weight and rate
  8. After customer paying shipping fee, we ship out quickly.
  9. it takes some time to process your order for some missing items
  10. Usually, It takes 3~5 days to process your order
What is free delivery option for food shopping ?

We provide free delivery service for the minimum order in Los Angeles, Orange County, Las Vegas. We limit this service to LA, OC, LV, SD base

Can I get free shipping for all items from any vendors ?

We manage and recommend free shipping vendor group. We always list these vendors who join in our free shipping vendor group. They can provide worldwide free shipping.

Currently The Vendor List is as following

PhoebeMall[Home, Kitchen & Dining, Phone Accessories, Bed & Bath]

PhoebeSchool[Art supplies, School Supplies]

PennyFashoin[Clothing, Fashion Accessories]

HobbyMall[All Hobby Items, Drone, Lego, Hiking, Tennis and etc.]

FiveDollar[All $5 Below Items]

PhoebeBeauty[All Beauty Items, Korean Beauty Items]

We always update this free shipping vendor group members everyday

How long does it take to get order items from this worldwide free shipping vendor group ?

It depends on various conditions. We always look for the best seller who can provide worldwide free shipping service for all orders except food. Seller usually try to find the lowest price and best quality product with free shipping also. During this step, It can take a little bit longer time to ship out customer’s order than expected.

So it takes 2~4 weeks to complete your order. The Cheaper, The Better. But You need to wait for the items that have lowest price, best quality and best reviews for a little bit longer compared with Amazon.

What is price difference between free shipping seller group and Amazon Sellers ?

The Benefit to use our marketplace is price vs quality. Our free shipping seller group members usually make manufactures or distributors ship to your home directly. That’s why you can get all items cheaper than Amazon seller.

But  Amazon seller usually import the same items, pay warehouse fee or Amazon FBA fee and etc. This process make Amazon seller sell their items at more expensive price than our sellers.

What is free shipping vendor group(F.S.V) ?

We always recommend  customers to check if your order items belong to our free shipping seller group.

We always add any sellers who provide free shipping to our free shipping seller group and we list them as free shipping seller.

They usually provide the lowest price, best quality and worldwide free shipping.

But you consider the shipping time before you place order from these sellers.

They serve all customers with the 3B[Best Quality, Best Price, Best Free Shipping] Concept but it might take 2~4 weeks to get items.

Can I cancel my order after you packing for shipment ?

No. After ready to ship, You cannot cancel your order in any case.

If you really want to cancel your order, you can cancel but 10% cancellation fee will be deducted from your order amount.

What is your return policy ?

You can return all items within 14 days after you receive your order. But You should pay the return shipping fee by your own expense.

After receiving your items, we check condition and other points.

If items are used or damaged by you, Return cannot be accepted.

Otherwise, Refund process will start.

What is your refund policy ?

All refund requests are reviewed by our accounting department no matter what reason it is. We cannot accept refund request fully just because of shipping rate for food order or changed mind. We will usually deduct 10% amount from your order

Please be sure to check shipping policy for food especially before placing order.

We also refund fully in case of following.

  1. Damaged Items are delivered
  2. Wrong items are delivered

Refund process takes usually 7~10 days from the date you request.

Please wait and see until your refund amount is shown in your card statements

It takes 5~7 days.

Thank you

Why are you managing free shipping seller group ?

We always make an effort to make our marketplace exciting so that customers are happy and refresh from their tired life style.

So we want to give some benefit or delight to customers. That’s why we manages free shipping seller group no matter where sellers are located.

We always encourage customers to check free shipping seller group if they are not hurry or they don’t need expedite shipping. By doing that, customers really enjoy the lowest price, best quality and worldwide free shipping for all their orders.

What kinds of items can sellers sell in arirangusa.net ?

You can sell any items if the items are not against USA Law. But you cannot sell adult products like porno items or drug and etc.

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Why ArirangUSA

ArirangUSA is a meeting place where sellers and customers meet happily. We are making great effort to invite the best sellers wherever they are and make them grow based on customers’ trust. None can not be superior position in our online marketplace. This mean all people are equal no matter who they are in any level. We really want to provide happy marketplace that everybody is excited and get new energy & happiness through shopping with us together.

We always make an effort to find and invite the best sellers to join our marketplace.

  1. Best Sellers Provide Best Price!
  2. Best Sellers Provide World Wide Free Shipping
  3. Best Sellers Provide Best Quality

  • Let’s make our world better place !
  • Let’s make marketplace that everybody makes and save money !
  • Let’s help the disadvantaged all over the world !


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